Why one day, Cryptocurrencies could outpower Fiat currencies (€, $, ¥)

Like few enthusiasts, i believe that one day, Cryptocurrencies will outpower the Dollar/Yen/Euro and that we’ll see Bitcoin keep rising, hitting $20k in the next few months. And probably $100k in the next few years… Why?

1/ The Short-term theory.

Looks like a big shift of interest is happening.

2/ The Long-term theory.

3/ The « Gate » theory.

4/ The Bitcoin community is (so) strong.

“But wait, it looks like a big bubble, doesn’t it ?“.

(From 1972 to 1976, gold volatility was as high as Bitcoin volatility today)

“Ok, but Bitcoin is used by dealers & terrorist”.

Extract from a 1995 newspaper — Newsweek

It’s not just about Money (€, $, ¥).

So, instead of institutions, banks and governments. Why don’t we trust Mathematics ?

Occupy Wall Street, September 2011.
  • Fiat currencies will be less powerful, only use by laggards, as the majority will use Cryptocurrencies to buy on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba...
  • We could witness the biggest wealth transfer in human history. The old system is weak and could die. From its ashes a new system could arise.
  • Democracy around the world will be more present, with legitimate vote & real elections through the Blockchain.
  • Online privacy could be preserved.
  • People’s right of ownership in poor countries would finally be respected.
  • The 39% of the world population who still don’t have a access to a bank account could be part of the Ecomony.
  • Etc…





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